Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Weekly Analysis 5 Nov, 2017


Top gainers of last week were: ATLH, FATIMA, MARI, PPL, OGDC, POL, NML, OLPL, AICL and ISL.

Top losers of last week were: FML, PAEL, TRG, PIBTL, CHCC, PAKT, PIOC, NCL, GADT, and EFOODS.

Top Volume Leaders of last week: PAEL, TRG, SNGP, KEL, BOP, SSGC, ISL, OGDC, EFERT and UBL.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) market index remained flattish this week, declining just 0.1%WoW (41pts) to close at 41,064pts. The market broke through the 40,000pts psychological barrier during the week but reacted robustly to reach previous levels.  KSE-100 index has closed on 41,064 by losing 41 points or -0.1 %.

Average trading volumes for the week clocked in at 117mn shares, down 13%WoW. The volumes were led by Pak Elektron (PAEL) and Sui North Gas (SNGP) recording traded volumes of 49mn and 27mn shares, respectively. This came as the market reacted to the financial results of the two companies, announced late last week, where PAEL underperformed the consensus, while SNGP reported continued improvement in financial performance.

According to experts of, following news have played vital role in Karachi Stock Market index movement:

  • Developments on political scenario continued to haunt investors during the initial part of the week, however recovery witnessed later helped the index to close only 0.1% WoW lower to previous week at 41,064
  • Net foreign outflows for the outgoing week clocked in at USD31mn, meanwhile Insurance Companies and Mutual Funds remained the biggest buyers in the market with net inflows of USD11mn and USD10mn respectively
  • E&Ps sector was the top gainer over the week, up 8%; Tobacco and Cement sectors were down 4% each over the outgoing week
  • An international arbitration court awarded over Rs14 billion to nine independent power producers (IPPs) in Pakistan in a dispute on overdue claims with the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC)
  • The government on Tuesday increased prices of all petroleum products by up to 11 per cent with immediate effect for the month of November
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation remained at 3.80 percent in October 2017 as opposed to the same month a year before due to increase in the prices of perishable food items, according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)
  • In a major policy shift, the Privatization Commission has decided to initiate the process of privatizing Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and all power generation and distribution companies
  • The political uncertainty which continues to unnerve investors was lent some respite upon the ruling party hinting at the likely date for the next general elections. However, finalization of Shahbaz Sharif as the prime ministerial candidate for the 2018 elections may help in alleviating concerns regarding the rumored conflict within the ruling party
  • GoP’s plan to import 0.5mn tons of urea despite ample inventory already held up in the pipeline led to below par performance of the fertilizer sector as it declined by 4.55%W/W
  • Dawood Hercules has finalised a share purchase agreement with Kot Addu Power Company (Kapco) to offload its entire shareholding of 172.58 million shares (14.9 per cent) in Hub Power Company (Hubco) at Rs109.86 per share, according to a filing with the stock exchange on Friday.In total, Kapco will acquire 17.4pc shares in Hubco
  • A Canada-based oil firm paid $54.8 million in outstanding payments to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) after reaching an agreement to settle two-year old dispute on rigs liabilities, a bourse filing said on Friday
  • Government set to approve wheat export of two million tons to cut surplus stock

Following are few BUY recommendations:

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 80.24
Target Price: PKR 132

Attock Cement (ACPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 176.86   
Target Price: PKR 315

Adamjee Insurance (AICL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 57.93
Target Price: PKR 90

Askari Bank (AKBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 18.73
Target Price: PKR 25

Attock Petroleum (APL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 615.00   
Target Price: PKR 796

Aisha Steels Limited (ASL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 18.7
Target Price: PKR 30

Amreli Steels Limited (ASTL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 91.4
Target Price: PKR 156

Bank Al-Falah (BAFL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 40.50   
Target Price: PKR 50

Bank Al-Habib (BAHL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 55.95
Target Price: PKR 72

Cherat Cement Company Limited (CHCC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 103.28   
Target Price: PKR 251

Dera Ghazi Khan Cement (DGKC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 142.08   
Target Price: PKR 262.0

ENGRO Fertilizer Limited (EFERT) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 66.81
Target Price: PKR 83

ENGRO Corporations (ENGRO) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 287.62
Target Price: PKR 400

Fatima Fertilizer (FATIMA) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 32.74
Target Price: PKR 45.1

Fauji Cement Company Limited (FCCL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 28.54   
Target Price: PKR 54

Fauji Fert Bin Qasim (FFBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 33.87
Target Price: PKR 67

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 83.0
Target Price: PKR 122.0

Gharibwal Cement Ltd. (GWLC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 23.85
Target Price: PKR 100.00

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 167.51   
Target Price: PKR 253.08

Hascol Petroleum (HASCOL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 268.75   
Target Price: PKR 428

Honda Atlas Cars (Pak) Ltd. (HCAR) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 529.5
Target Price: PKR 912.2

Habib Metro Bank (HMB) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 32.50
Target Price: PKR 52

Hi-Tech Lubricants (HTL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 87.07 
Target Price: PKR 133

Current Price: PKR 105.97
Target Price: PKR 144

Indus Motors (INDU) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 1,736.29   
Target Price: PKR 2,214.3

Inter Steel Limited (ISL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 112.2
Target Price: PKR 178

Kot Addu Power Company (KAPCO) – BUY
Current Price: PKR 65.92 
Target Price: PKR 85.00

Kohat Cement (KOHC) – BUY
Current Price: PKR 148.28   
Target Price: PKR 353

Lalpir Power (LPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 20.03
Target Price: PKR 32

Lucky Cement (LUCK) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 510.36 
Target Price: PKR 1,159.0

MARI Petroleum (MARI) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 1,542.8
Target Price: PKR 2,051

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 211.54
Target Price: PKR 250

Meezan Bank (MEBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 66.99
Target Price: PKR 91

Maple Leaf Cement (MLCF) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 69.90   
Target Price: PKR 179.0

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 44.70
Target Price: PKR 74

National Foods (NATF) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 317.00
Target Price: PKR 473

Nishat Chunian (NCL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 51.16
Target Price: PKR 74

Nishat Chunian Power (NCPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 37.41 
Target Price: PKR 59

Nishat Mills (NML) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 140.04
Target Price: PKR 186

Nishat Power (NPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 42.0
Target Price: PKR 81

Oil & Gas Development Co. (OGDC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 158.26   
Target Price: PKR 200

Pak Elektron Ltd. (PAEL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 58.9
Target Price: PKR 126.1

Pioneer Cement Limited (PIOC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 64.06
Target Price: PKR 161

Pakgen Power Limited (PKGP) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 20.01
Target Price: PKR 34

Power Cement (POWER) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 8.51
Target Price: PKR 16

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 194.64
Target Price: PKR 218

Pak Suzuki Motors (PSMC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 524.02
Target Price: PKR 800.7

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 357.09   
Target Price: PKR 490

Pakistan Telecommunication (PTC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 13.25
Target Price: PKR 19.00

Tariq Glass (TGL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 100.1
Target Price: PKR 128

United Bank Limited (UBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 181.83
Target Price: PKR 294

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Written by: Rana Khuram

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