Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Weekly Analysis 27 Aug, 2017


Top gainers of last week were: ASTL, POL, NML, PPL, and INDU.

Top losers of last week were: FFC, GWLC, PIOC, DGKC, and EFOODS.

Top Volume Leaders of last week: TRG, ANL, KEL, BOP and ASL.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) market index continued to stay in the bearish zone with the benchmark KSE-100 index shedding another 437pts to close at 42,642, down 1% WoW. While KSE -30 index reached on 22,055 by decreasing -144 points or -0.65 %.

According to experts of, following news have played vital role in Karachi Stock Market index movement:

  • The prevalent bearish spell continued to be led by unresolved matters on the political and economic front, with this week’s announcement of the new Afghan policy by US President Donald Trump adding to market woes 
  • Foreign investors again demonstrated their uneasiness over expected devaluation of the exchange rate with further net selling of US$9.7mn worth of equities during the week
  • Balance of Payment numbers showing a Current Account deficit of US$2.05bn for Jul-2017
  • Government planning an amnesty scheme and/or issue of US$1.0bn Eurobond to address deteriorating external account
  • Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) growing by a four-year high growth rate of 5.6% YoY in FY17
  • NEPRA approving Rs1.70/unit refund for Jul-2017 under monthly fuel adjustment
  • The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday revealed that the Current Account deficit rose sharply by 210% YoY during Jul-2017 to US$2.05bn compared to last July’s deficit of US$1.39bn. The import of goods jumped to US$ 4.70bn in Jul-2017, up from US$1.618bn in Jul-2016 
  • As per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), textile exports in Jul-2017 clockedin at US$1.01bn, rising by 3% YoY. However, textile exports witnessed a 17% MoM plunge compared to exports of US$1.22bn recorded in Jun-2017
  • Cement prices were cut by Rs10-25 per 50kg bag by cement manufacturers in the northern region, with Lucky Cement (LUCK) reducing prices by Rs25/bag. Cement companies in the south have not made a corresponding decrease in prices
  • NAB filing application before SC seeking statements from JIT members in the implementation of Panama leaks case verdict
  • Country’s CAD during Jul’17 widening by 3.1xYoY to US$2.05bn, where both imports and exports growing by 36%YoY/10.58%YoY, respectively
  • Government of Pakistan reportedly revealing plans to raise US$1bn via Eurobond/Sukuk in next few months
  • PSX proposing certain amendments regarding less liquid stocks, fee structure and classification under defaulters’ segment

Following are few BUY recommendations:

Allied Bank Limited (ABL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 86.29
Target Price: PKR 132

Attock Cement (ACPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 203.76
Target Price: PKR 380

Adamjee Insurance (AICL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 65.55
Target Price: PKR 92

Attock Petroleum (APL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 634.86
Target Price: PKR 796

Bank Al-Falah (BAFL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 40.94
Target Price: PKR 47

Cherat Cement Company Limited (CHCC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 139.57
Target Price: PKR 251

Dera Ghazi Khan Cement (DGKC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 157.18
Target Price: PKR 262.0

ENGRO Fertilizer Limited (EFERT) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 59.17
Target Price: PKR 83

Current Price: PKR 88.56
Target Price: PKR 162

ENGRO Corporations (ENGRO) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 296.31
Target Price: PKR 400

Fatima Fertilizer (FATIMA) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 30.02
Target Price: PKR 45.1

Fauji Cement Company Limited (FCCL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 34.79
Target Price: PKR 54

Fauji Fert Bin Qasim (FFBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 33.20
Target Price: PKR 67

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 73.14
Target Price: PKR 122.0

Gharibwal Cement Ltd (GWLC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 37.68
Target Price: PKR 104.0

Hascol Petroleum (HASCOL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 316.07
Target Price: PKR 428

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 218.11
Target Price: PKR 334

Honda Atlas Cars (Pak) Ltd. (HCAR) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 602.33
Target Price: PKR 912.2

Hi-Tech Lubricants (HTL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 104.85
Target Price: PKR 133

Current Price: PKR 114.76
Target Price: PKR 144

Indus Motors (INDU) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 1,733.33
Target Price: PKR 2,214.3

K-Electric Ltd. (KEL) – BUY
Current Price: PKR 6.22
Target Price: PKR 10.8

Kohat Cement (KOHC) – BUY
Current Price: PKR 182.75
Target Price: PKR 353

Lalpir Power (LPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 20.93
Target Price: PKR 32

Lucky Cement (LUCK) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 620.64
Target Price: PKR 1,159.0

MARI Petroleum (MARI) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 1,683.15
Target Price: PKR 2051

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 198.54
Target Price: PKR 250

Maple Leaf Cement (MLCF) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 87.34
Target Price: PKR 179.0

Millat Tractors Ltd. (MTL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 1,161.02
Target Price: PKR 1,594.8

National Foods (NATF) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 349.90
Target Price: PKR 473

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 59.42
Target Price: PKR 74

Nishat Chunian (NCL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 54.01
Target Price: PKR 74

Nishat Chunian Power (NCPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 40.00
Target Price: PKR 59

Nishat Mills (NML) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 151.74
Target Price: PKR 186

Nishat Power (NPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 45.25
Target Price: PKR 81

Oil & Gas Development Co. (OGDC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 146.73
Target Price: PKR 200

Pak Elektron Ltd. (PAEL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 74.16
Target Price: PKR 126.1

Pioneer Cement Limited (PIOC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 99.99
Target Price: PKR 161

Pakgen Power (PKGP) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 20.82
Target Price: PKR 34

Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 479.62
Target Price: PKR 518

Power Cement (POWER) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 10.90
Target Price: PKR 26

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 172.58
Target Price: PKR 218

Pak Suzuki Motors (PSMC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 475.53
Target Price: PKR 800.7

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 435.06
Target Price: PKR 490

Pakistan Telecommunications (PTC) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 13.98
Target Price: PKR 21.9

Roshan Packages Ltd. (RPL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 54.46
Target Price: PKR 87.0

The Searle Co. Ltd (SEARL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 414.22
Target Price: PKR 776.3

United Bank Limited (UBL) – BUY 
Current Price: PKR 198.66
Target Price: PKR 294

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Written by: Rana Khuram

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