Karachi Stock Market July 3, 2009

Today KSE 100-index declined 27.06 and closed at 7453. At point 100 index was seen at 7573 but selling in energy and cement sectors turned it into negative. Most traded share was DG Khan Cement whose share price decreased by -0.97 and closed at rupees 29.58. Among other most traded shares are AHSL (-0.26, 29.06), JSCL(0.73, 25.54), Azgard Nine (1.16, 25.47), Lucky Cement (2.49, 64.03), PSO (2.03. 227.01), OGDC (0.10, 83.91), Engro Polymer (0.10, 19.72) and PACE Pak (0.36, 6.15).

Since results of the companies are start outcoming, market is expected to perform better. News about JSCL, PAKRI, Bestway Cement, AHSL, Netsol, Millat Tracktor are good and people are willing to invest in these organizations. Millat Tracktor has made a record sale this year by selling over 13000 tracktors accross the country. PTCL has already anncounced its result and giving 15% (bounce/dividend) to its shareholders. PAKRI and JSCL may go up by players before the announcement of their results. So keep taking interest in market and have some good shares. Cheeers....

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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