Karachi Stock Exchange July 27 week startup

From tomarrow July 27, 2009, CFS is going to start in 18 different companies including OGDC, PPL(Pakistan Petroleum), PSO(Pakistan State Oil), POL(Pakistan Oil Feilds), MCB(Muslim Commercial Bank), NBP(National Bank of Pakistan), BAFL(Bank Al-Flah), FFC(Fauji Fertilizer), Engro Chemicals, FFBL, HUBC, DGKC(DG Khan Cement), Lucky Cement, NML (Nishat Mills), PTC and AICL(Adamjee Insurance).

As I already mentioned in my earlier posts that there are many positive factors due to which KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) 100 index will keep growing like starting of CFS, expected good results from different companies in on going and coming months, foregin investement and local return of investors. So KSE is expected to cross 8000 berrier this month and may touch 8500 or 9000 next month. There are many good shares and I had already recomended these like DG Khan Cement, Netsole, FFBL, AHSL, JSCL and PAKRI. If we look CFS includes DG Khan cement too, so it's expected to be keep growing. HCAR (Honda Atlas Car) is also going good and its meeting is due this month.

Investors, wake up! this is the time to invest and get return from market. Some upcoming meetings different companies this month include KOHS (Jul 25), PLIC (Jul 25), ABOT (Jul 27), CSUML (Jul 27), SANSM (Jul 27), MFFL (Jul 27), THAL (Jul 27), ENGRO (Jul 28), ALNRS (Jul 28), JDWS (Jul 28), BAWS (Jul 28), MRNS (Jul 28), PSAF (Jul 28), UBL (Jul 28), PMRS (Jul 28), ATLH (Jul 28), NONS (Jul 28), CHAS (Jul 28), FSMLO (Jul 28), SIEM (Jul 28), SHSML (Jul 29), DAWH (Jul 29), AHIML (Jul 29), HCAR (Jul 29), HUSS (Jul 29), AHL (Jul 29), AABS (Jul 30), CICL (Jul 30), FFC (Jul 30), SGML (Jul 30), BAFS (Jul 30), FECS (Jul 30), HWQS (Jul 30), SEPL (Jul 30), HABSM (Jul 30).

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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