Karachi Stock Exchange July 13rd Week Roundup


Last week I have thoroughly reviewed our Stock Market, and I want to share my conclusions with you. Thanks to God last week was also fine and our market after plus of 31.38 points has reached up to 7502.66 points, which is a record level (since last quarter). I have already explained in detail the reasons of such a raise in my last posting. Last week again, foreign investment in banks, oil companies, and in cement sector have created a positive impact in market. Further in this upcoming week very good reports of earning, profit and revenue of KSE listed companies are expected. Our foreign currency exchange and reserves are continuously increasing. These factors have increased the confidence of investors and business. Investors (especially small investors) are buying shares of Banks, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Cement, Insurance, Securities etc.
According to experts, this upcoming week will also be very important. And because of consistency of these above mentioned positive factors, Market will also seems to be bullish and index will also increase and touches to some psychological record levels. So friends I suggest you if you have any plan of investing/buying, believe me this is the right and ideal time, especially this week is very important.

Last Week’s Top Companies
  1. DG Cement (continuously on top since last two weeks)
  2. JS (Jahangir Siddiqui) Companies (is also on top since last two weeks)
Here I want to discuss AZGARD NINE, this is actually a very nice company, has an excellent background and previous history. I am closely watching this company since last year, it has never disappoint his share holders, have given nice bonuses to his shareholders in past quarters. In this recession period, as the International economy has collapsed, this company was also got effected. But now this company has revived and starts growing again. Upper management of this company have taken some revolutionary steps to improve. For example as you may know that AZGARD NINE has invested in Pak American Fertilizer massively, now they have notified KSE and declare publicly that they are going to sell 24.99 percent shares of Pak American Fertilizer. According to experts, by selling these shares, AZGARD NINE will try to overcome their loans and to achieve a descent position in market.

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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  1. Bro What is your prediction about PACE till announcement of its full year results in August or September