Karachi Stock Market June 29, 2009

Today Karachi Stock Exchange increased 43 points to be closed at 7206 points. Market opened with positive index and then remain consistent whole day. Investors were keen interested in Banking and IT (Telecommunication sectors). Most traded share was P.T.C.L.A (+0.96, 17.90) with trade volume of 13,282,500 shares. Other most traded shares wereArif Habib Securities (AHSL +0.46, 28.73), Jahagir Siddique Company (JSCL -0.11, 23.90), MCB (+3.50, 158.53, ), Lucky Cement (-0.33, 60.31), DG Khan Cement(+0.15, 31.12), Netsole (-0.75, 17.33) and Honda Atlas Cars (-0.34, 13.19).

If we look at present market condition and according to some analysts, market will correct itself in next couple of weeks. Since results of companies are also start announcing (which will be displayed at the end of every day's post at bottom), its expected that market will recover and may touch 7800-8000 easily. Impressive sectors are Insurances, Securities and Cement. Netsole, PTCL, AHSL, PAKRI, DG Khan Cement etc may be good to have faster returns. So have close eye on KSE 100 index and stocks. Cheers....


Company : Exide Pakistan
EPS: 21.07
Profit/Loss in Million: 41.56 (Rupees)
Current Price: 164.20 (Rupees)
Bonus/Dividend: 50% F (Final Div)

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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  1. What is the target price of NETSOL till annoucement of it sfull years result in about a month's time