Karachi Stock Market June 24, 2009

Today Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index increased 2.41 points and closed at 7025.89. Most traded share was Jahangir Saddique Growth Fund (JS Growth Fund(JSGF)) with trade volume of 25,777,500 shares and increased by .11 to be closed at 3.80. JSGF normally vibrate around 3.20 to 4.20 since last three months. During last three months its lowest price was 3.20 and hieghest wast 4.21. It is expected that it will again touch 4.20 or above but again its very vibrant share due to low pricing factor.

Other most traded shares are
Pak.Prem Fund (.20, 4.00), Arif Habib Securities(AHSL, -.54, 27.19), JSCL (-0.12, 23.78), Mybank Ltd (1.00, 4.90), Azgard Nine Ltd (0.12, 22.34), DG Khan Cement (0.36. 29.50), Lucky Cement (0.78, 58.08), OGDC (0.38, 76.00) and Netsole Technologies (0.96, 16.08). Market seems to be highly unpredictable and no share is increasing constantly. Somehow, Netsole, Azgard Nine, DG Khan Cement and Lucky Cement are looking to be bit consistent and their prices are also on positve edge. Also these shares are considered safe sectors since these shares are always being traded instead of rapid shoot up and then down fall (like happened with PAKRI last month). So investors are taking interest in these secotors and specifically above mentioned shares. So hope for the best. Cheers...

  • Capital market new financing product is expected to be announced in 1st week on July
  • 24% shares of pioneer cement has been purchased by Emirates Group
  • FCCL, ATEL, AXIDE annual budget meetings are scheduled by the end of June.
NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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