Karachi Stock Market June 23, 2009

Today Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE-100) Index declined 34 points to close at 7023.48. 114 stocks closed up 166 closed down while 28 stocks remained unchanged. Dera Ghazi Khan Cement (DG Khan Cement) was the highest traded share and closed at 29.14 up 0.51. Other most traded shares are Hub Power Co. Ltd (0.89, 27.85), AHSL (-.48, 27.79), JSCL (-.51, 23.80), Lucky Cement (.06, 57.22), Attock Refinery Ltd (1.72, 126.50), Bosicor Pakistan(-0.22, 7.15), OGDC (-1.35, 75.76) and Pak.PTA Ltd. (-.10, 2.90).

Again today market showed its fluctuated behaviour by moving up and down and closed negative. As you know, KSE is one of the unpredictable trading exchange in the world and also due to this behaviour some of the BIG CROCODILES like this but at the same time this situation is very pityfull for small investors. Again I would like to say that this is OK time to buy and wait. Don't take part in day trading and be patient; get some shares of good name and be aside. Cheers..

NOTE: The information posted in this blog (forum) is based on current afairs & invstors point of view. There may be discrepency in the ground realities

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