Karachi Stock Exchange June 5, 2009

A long down week of Karachi Stock Exchange at last get positive today and KSE-100 Index gained 16 points to close at 6894. 143 stocks closed up 120 closed down while 12 stocks remained unchanged. Jahangir Siddique Company Ltd (JSCL) closed at RS 23.67 down 0.33 paisa. Market is getting pressure of budget since it is almost ahead next week. Market may also keep getting down next week but ratio will be very low and players may take this up by the end of week. 15th June will be most impacting day on KSE 100 index since after budget this will be the first trading day and if there will some positive things in budget index will shoot up and if negative (which is already expected) then market will be down but it will start getting its position after 16th June 2009 due to influence of big players.

Players like some shares like JSCL, AHSL, AKD Capital, Pak Reinsurance (PAKRI), Adamjee Insurance, JOVC, Lucky Cement and D.G. Khan Cement overall. These shares might give good profit even if someone buys on current rate except AKD and Adam Jee since these will down more. Banking sector is also full of potential like National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), United Bank Ltd (UBL). So try to take risk by the mid or end of next week but buy only small (50% of your investment) and place other money after budget. Best of luck


  1. What is the target price of JSCL and the timeline by which this target could be acheived

  2. I think this is the best time to buy JSCL. I will suggest to you to buy half of your targeted JSCL below RS 25 and wait for budget. You will know very well that whether to buy this share any more or not.

    As target price is concerned, you know is Player's Shares and they can take this to any price. I think 35-40 will be normal one. Best of Luck