Karachi Stock Exchange June 4, 2009

KSE 100 Index (Karachi Stock Exchange) today down 112 points to be closed at 6878. Most traded share was JSCL whose share price decreased 1.24 and closed at RS 24.00. As from last several posts, I am insisting to don't buy much and focus to sale on reasonable price; again this became true but a myth. As political, geographical and economical situation of Pakistan is not going well this along with other factors like news of imposing tax on KSE trading and brokage houses are key factors in KSE 100 index down fall.

Market may also keep going down next week but also there is news that it starting recovering under 6800 points or on Monday or Tuesday. Best shares to trade may be Arif Habib Securities (AHS) under rupees 25, JSCL under price 23, AKD under price 65, Adam Jee Insurance under price 70 or 60, AKD Capital under price 50 and some others. But please be very careful from market especially small investors. Best of Luck

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