Karachi Stock Exchange, Week end 15 May 2008

The week ending 15 May 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange show increase of 48 points and close at 7178 points. Some companies like Arif Habib Security (AHSL), Jahangir Saddique Company (JSCL) were traded at very huge volume and AHSL show overall increase at closing this week. However JSCL was down. Some the politcal and war in Sawat elements effect the stock market.
The upcomming week starting from 18 May may also contains up and down but overall effect may be positve. Good sectors will be Securities like AHSL, JSCL etc, banks, inusrance and energy sector. AKD Capital may get under 70 rupees. So be carefull. I will suggest investors to be very carefull this week and invest slowly by looking at market trends.

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