Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 26, 2009

KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange) today show increase of 3 points to be closed at 7176. Market show ups and down during whole trading day. The highest traded share was Jah.Sidd. Co. (JSCL) with share trad vloume of 17,340,000 shares and decreases by .19 rupees. Arif Habib Securities (AHSL) was the second one with trade volume of 10,835,600 and increases by .93 rupees to be closed at 29.76 rupees. Selling in banking and energy sector causes the index to be down but according to some experts market may go up 7300 this week. Sharif brothers decision will also show postive impact in the stock market to boost up KSE - 100 index.

I would like to suggest investors to take part in traded shares and according to my personal thinking AHSL is the best one to take part in. Some other shares like JSCL, NJI etc are also good. Atlas Honda may also be good since it announced 30% , 15% bonus. Best of luck.

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