Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) May 18, 2009

Today on 18 May 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) show decrease of 5 points and closed at 7172. Since budget is about to be announced in next month, some of the factors will stay up with market and there will be vibration in KSE-100 index. However, some traded shares may get stay in this situation and continue to survive like AHSL, JSCL, AKD Capital (which might be very high or low), Adamjee Insurance, EFU Life Insurance etc. In small shares, Dynea Pakistan (DYNO) may be used as day trading.

Also some news about changes in KSE barrier from 5% to 10% might also affect the market. Players may try to get the shares down as much as possible and then get them back from the base price. So small investors should be very careful after the implementation of KSE -100 index new barrier.

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