Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index, May 12 2009

Today on May 12 2009, Karachi Stock Exchange perform well and KSE-100 index ups 174 points closing at 7296.

As per my last day's post I suggested investers to buy Jah.Sidd. Co.(JSCL), Arif Habib Securities (AHSL), Adamgi Insurnace and other like these. And today that hapens, these shares were locked and gained much of the market share. Market will going up for next few days with couple of downs next week. Investers should be very carefull in selecting the right shares. I will suggest investors to pay there warm attention to the AHSL, JSCL, AKD Capital and cement sector since cement prices are raised upto 50 rupees last week.

Some small share like DYNO, Engro Polymer may also be good but be very carefull in investing here. Don't ever try to think to buy Pak Reinsurance as there might be a very big fall even under rupees 25. Anyways be free to invest in some companies I mentioned earlier. Best of LUCK.

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